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Exploring the Cultural Treasures of Liaoning and Seeking the Scientific and Technological Strength of Liaoning -- Summer Social Practice Activity for International Students in Liaoning University of Technology

On July 28, Liaoning University of Technology organized international students to visit and study in Liaoning Provincial Museum and Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Museum. 13 international students from8countries, including Russia, Morocco, Nigeria, Bangladesh and Pakistanetc, participated in the activity.

At the Liaoning Provincial Museum, international students were deeply attracted by jade ware from the Ming and Qing dynasties, seals from past dynasties, ceramics from the Liao Dynasty androws of ancient Chinese currencies.They marveled at the profound culture of ancient China and were moved by the storiesofthese cultural relics.

At the Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Museum, the students immersed themselves in the scientific and technological achievements with industrial science and technology as the core, experienced the benefits of science and technology to the people of Liaoning, and also felt the great changes of Liaoning.StudentAmatosaid that Liaoning hadnew changes. He hopedto make his own contribution to building a China-Africa community with a shared future for mankind.

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