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International Education School Launched the Third Fun Games Activity

OnMay19, 2023, the International Education School launched thethirdFun Games activity.More than20 international students from Russia,Morocco,Tanzania, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea etc, took part in the event.

The event was held in the form of team relay, which was divided into "elephant trunk", "one-time rope skipping", "running with a tennis on a bat", "chopsticks holding the ball", "two people and three feet","football juggling",and "threepeople andfourfeet". After several rounds of wonderful competition, the students achieved satisfactory results.

The holding of the competition not only enhanced the cohesion of the class, but also showed the positive youth of the international students and enriched their campus cultural life.

elephant trunk

football juggling

threepeople andfourfeet

chopsticks holding the ball

rope skipping

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